Ghosts from the Old Country (2012)

Download or view the

Standard Edition Lyric Book


Or grab the Deluxe Edition of the album

The deluxe edition of “GFtOC” includes the following:

– A physical copy of the album on CD (up to 2 weeks for delivery). *PLEASE BE SURE TO PROVIDE US A CONTACT EMAIL AND SHIPPING ADDRESS*

– A 10 track digital EP of b-sides and alternate takes of songs from the full-length album.

– A digital 30 page, photographic lyric book.

– A digital 15 page art book entitled “A Photographic Seance“.

– Notebook annotations; stories behind the songs.

This release will continue to evolve long after your initial download! You will receive updates and additional content as Forrest goes about promoting the album’s release for the next few months.

You will have ongoing access to tons of content, such as:

– Video content
– Live recordings (video AND audio!)
– More b-sides
– Photographs
– Interviews
– Random and miscellaneous digital surprises

and more…

This is an ongoing and evolving project which continues to deliver content to you for months to come!


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