Prehistoric Pictures (2011)


You’ve heard the expression “it is what it is”.

What this collection is: most were “left-offs” of recording sessions for albums over the past decade.

They didn’t fit or there were too many songs.

Songs 2 through 4 were from the “7” sessions (’06-’07)

5 through 8 from the “Land of X” sessions

(’03…actually “TV Repair Man” was recorded in ’02 and brought complete as a possible inclusion on “Land of X”.)

Songs 10 and 12 came from the “Sunrise In Reverse” recordings (’05)The other three songs were recorded separately and included on 3 different compilation albums:

Song 1 for the “Dandercroft” music magazine cd (’04); song 9 for the “KKFI Reclamation Project” cd (’05)

and song 11 for the “Beckinator” compilation cd (’05). 

Peace to you and much goodness. Forrest

“’Like a dog!’ he said; it was as if the shame of it must outlive him.” F. Kafka

All songs written by forrest whitlow (eternal return music erm copyright 2011)

1,5, 6, 7, 8 and 11 performed by forrest whitlow and the crash

(fw-guitar and vox, mike “clem” stover-bass and lead guitar, john bersuch-drums, percussion, keys, and effects)

2, 3, 4, and 5 performed by fw-guitars and vox, jeff harshbarger-bass, john bersuch-drums, percussion, keys and effects.

10 performed by fw-guitars and vox, e.clark wyatt-keys and lead guitar, john bersuch-drums, todd wiseman-lap steel.

12 performed by fw.

All songs recorded and mixed by john bersuch (Innerhorse Studios KC)

except 5-7 by Steve Phillips (Big Time Music Kansas City)

10 and 12 by e. clark wyatt (Innerhorse Studios KC)

Final remaster by Barry Lee (Lawrence, KS).

Art Direction and Packaging: jon duran

Special thanks to Barry Lee for giving his time and energy on this project.

And Jon Duran for keeping on me to put this out.

And especially to all my loyal fans and supporters.

And to Ken and Jill.

1. Mr. Dandercroft
2. Beautiful World
3.Christian, Mary and Me
4. On Down The Line
5. Liquid Dreams
6. Sky
7. S&M
8. TV Repair Man
9. Warsaw
10. Harrison Bergeron
11. She Likes The Boys
12. Prehistoric Pictures


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